Version 1.1


  • Fixed game breaking bug for non-Steam version!
  • Improved dialogue system!
  • Fixed a visual bug with numbers displaying collected tarot cards (did not affect achievement progress)
  • Fixed a bug where you could pick up tarot cards multiple times

Act I:

  • Fixed bug where the guard in The Courtyard gave a response at night, even though he isn't there
  • Fixed missing animation when the guard drops his stick in The Courtyard

Act II:

  • Fixed bug when drinking sleep soup in The Butterfly Hut
  • Fixed bug where screen temporarily freezes 2 seconds with The Stone Golem

Act III:

  • Fixed a visual bug where the hand net was duplicated visually
  • Fixed an animation bug where the megaphone was duplicated visually
  • Fixed black screen on load in The Trial Rooms
  • Simplified puzzles in the second and third room on floor V of The Trial Rooms
  • Clarified dialogue while speaking to NPC on floor VIII of The Trial Rooms
  • Clarified dialogue hint from the speaker in the third room on floor VIII of The Trial Rooms
  • Clarified walkthrough for floor VIII

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May 29, 2023 565 MB
May 29, 2023

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