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Very intersting game! I don't feel like I've made it far but I'm excited to play more! Made a video, I hope you enjoy! 

It's like Nineteen Eighty-Four, but with added jazz.

Really though, this was a wonderfully-executed Orwellian nightmare wherein you take on the role of an unnamed person who takes on the job of sifting through surveillance tapes on the hunt for suspicious discussions. It's up to you to decide whether the people in the recordings are guilty or not, although it's no real surprise what "they" want from you.

As the game progresses, new crumbs of story emerge until you have to make one big choice, which dictates how the game will end.

The whole experience is very claustrophobic and tense (even with the jazz!), and you really feel like every move you make could be seen as a mistake of some kind... and you just don't know what the punishment might be.

All in all a fantastic little game that deserves more attention!

A great concept, well executed too.

It throws you in not knowing what is going on, and the characters embrace that. You're supposed to just do your work!

But why? Who are these people? What are their stories in life? Who are you to judge them? And most importantly... what are the consequences of the red slot?


how to read book?

I think you would just right click on it.

This is true! I wanted to make a separate book menu that opened up, but just had no time. So right click simply makes the player read it loud!

This is pretty funny, out of context :D

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This reminds me of a game i saw a youtuber playing.

i forgot the name but it was something like "dont tell the monkeys" or something like that. if you search it  up you'll probably find it.

Edit: I'm not saying your copying in anyway and they are both good games.


I tried to search for it, but couldn't find it! Either way: thanks for playing :-)


Don't feed the monkeys?

Yes that was it!

Looks like a fun game! :-)